Your Needs

Do you feel depleted – like a sense of finally having “arrived” is always just out of reach, with life an exhausting, anxious, or numbed out treadmill?

Do you feel “stuck” – frustrated, sad or fearful, in conflict with those around you, knowing you desire something different for your relationships, work, or inside yourself, but aren’t sure how to get there?

Has trauma – either a one-time life event, or an ongoing stressful situation – stopped you from living fully?

You can overcome this.

It is possible to live with ease and clarity, no matter the obstacles life presents.  You have the innate ability to heal from past events, regain purpose and meaning, and live with contentment and joy.

But many of us—whether we are aware of it or not—often act as our own roadblocks.  We numb out with substances or devices, avoid challenging ourselves, or put up defenses to protect ourselves from hurt that end up blocking our vision.  These responses often started for a helpful reason, but if left unexamined, feelings of anxiety, depression, exhaustion, loneliness, fear or pessimism can grow.

Psychotherapy is a profound process that empowers people to change old patterns, set and achieve life goals, and live with peace and joy.  I invite adults, couples, and adolescents aged 16+ to explore my approach as a first step towards living the life you desire and deserve.

Issues Treated

Getting unstuck. A sense of “something isn’t right” or “I’m not good enough” can plague all of our lives even—sometimes especially—when things look “fine” on the surface. I help you identify repeating patterns, break free from excessive worry, conflict with partners or colleagues, sadness or fear, and gain insight into what stops you from embracing life. You will improve your wellbeing and learn to live fully with ease.

Making transitions. Do you desire a change like a new relationship or job, but haven’t made it happen? Or are you struggling to adapt to a new role, like a promotion or parenthood, or adjust after a move from a different region, country, or work sector? With a collaborative and supportive approach you will identify goals and find purpose, confidence, and belonging.

Overcoming trauma. From one-time chaotic events, to ongoing stressful experiences that erode our sense of control, trauma steals our sense of safety. Research has proven that mind/body integration is key to healing. EMDR, yoga, and mindfulness meditation all strengthen your ability to manage intense emotions, integrate painful experiences, and overcome trauma.

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