Getting Started: Contact, Fees, Scheduling

Ready to Take the Next Step? Let’s Talk

Finding a therapist is very personal.  You are entrusting your therapist with some of the most sensitive parts of your life, and the relationship will be the foundation for your growth.

Fit and style feel different for everyone, and your comfort is paramount. I encourage you to reach out to me, and to talk to at least one other therapist, before choosing someone to work with.

To that end, I offer a complimentary, fifteen-minute phone consultation to give you a sense of my style, answer your questions, and support you to decide whether you would like to set up an appointment.  To schedule an initial conversation, please fill out the form below.


My fees are $210 per 50 minute session. I am considered an “out-of-network” provider by insurance companies.  This means you pay me directly, and then submit my invoices to your insurance company to be reimbursed for a portion of the fee. Reimbursement rates vary, but most policies cover a substantial portion of fees.

Prior to beginning, it will be useful for you to contact your insurance company to get specific details about your mental health benefits, number of sessions covered per year, any deductibles, and percent of cost covered for out of network providers. I am happy to talk with you about the kinds of questions you should ask your insurance company to get the information you need.

When and how will we meet?

I meet with clients once per week. We may schedule sessions more frequently if this would benefit your progress; or if, in the case of leadership consulting, we are working towards a short term deadline. I currently have a hybrid practice: I am part time in person at my office on Dupont Circle, and also offer telehealth sessions online for those who prefer to remain remote.

In addition to the free 15 minute initial consultation, our first few sessions will allow us to determine how we will work together, including which interventions will best meet your goals. It is also an opportunity for you to decide how it feels to work with me. If either one of us decides during the first few sessions you might be better served in a different way, I will work with you to shape a plan and to provide any needed referrals.

Ready to take the next step? Contact me using the form below, and I look forward to replying within 24 business hours.

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