My Approach: Psychotherapy & Leadership Consulting


Talk therapy built on the foundation of a warm, supportive relationship – in which you also feel comfortable being challenged – is the foundation for your growth. I have trained in both psychodynamic and CBT-style interventions. I have certifications in TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy), was a 2019-20 Fellow of the Contemporary Freudian Society, have trained in and studied motivational interviewing, grief counseling, IFS (internal family systems), and am completing the Washington School of Psychiatry‘s two year intensive post-grad Clinical Program, with specialization in Couples therapy and an emphasis on object relations and existential approaches.

EMDR, short for “eye movement desensitization and reprocessing”, has been cited the most effective intervention for single event trauma, and a powerful aid to overcoming complex trauma, such as dysfunctional relationship dynamics or negative self image rooted in childhood experiences. I am advanced certified in EMDR by EMDRIA, receive ongoing consultation in EMDR, and am part of the EMDR Disaster Relief Network working with front line medical workers during the pandemic, as well as other traumatic events.

Mindfulness and yoga, along with other mind-body approaches, are considered by clinicians and researchers as the key to overcoming trauma. Indeed, most of us benefit from learning how to “unhook” from racing, critical thoughts and addition to devices and distractions. I help you train your attention and use your breath and body to return to vitality. I have studied extensively at Insight Meditation Society, and completed yoga teacher training through Yoga District.

Leadership Counsulting

Workplace wellness workshops offer individuals and teams in workplaces the socio-emotional skills and support they need to thrive. I design workshops collaboratively, either with HR departments or for specific teams, on themes such as stress management, managing work from home during the pandemic, and bringing your creative “inner self” to the workplace. My workshops foreground participants’ voices and experiences, offering interactive spaces where colleagues and communities can come together, develop greater self- awareness, and practice effective communication skills.

Individual or small team coaching can support a leader or a team to identify team members’ strengths and unique roles, work through interpersonal challenges towards collaboration, and come together around a shared vision and goals. I have designed and executed individual and group coaching sessions tailored to specific teams’ needs that draw on tools such as StrengthsFinders, leadership development skills inventories, and draw on best practices drawn from the Drucker School of Management, the Center for Courage and Renewal, and other leadership development models.

Leadership programs that are part of certifications and fellowships benefit from psychological and scholarly grounding. My academic background, with a PhD from Columbia University in the history of cross-cultural relations and identity, as well as my psychotherapy practice, leave me uniquely positioned to research and present on complex themes, geared towards concrete application. I have given presentations on topics such as the ways regional culture and history impact working styles, as well as designed and facilitated simulated policy debates that empower mindful decision-making.

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